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They Care About Their Customers

John Graber, Alex, John Y, Dusty, and his crew were exceptional.

Alex and John Graber listened to all the questions and concerns my wife and I had with all the different options for the teardown and building of the new deck. At the start of the project, John Y and Dusty (the crew chiefs) walked me through the process and answered all my questions as they came up. One of them was my concern about my dog. I have a Great Dane (Sam) that does not do well with change. I asked if they could do my upper deck last so Sam could still use the stairs during the construction. They made sure that I had stairs during the entire build (5days), to the point they even moved the old staircase to the side of the upper deck and anchored it for him. The entire crew made the entire teardown and installation of our new Trex Deck a smooth transition. I talked to John Graber on the night of the completion and told him I was having trouble with Sam going up and down the stairs. He had told me of a small project that he did in June where he built a carpeted ramp for (believe it or not a Great Dane). I told him that was a good idea and I’m going to work with Sam and see if I can’t work him past his uncertainty. Sam is starting to get his confidence up and I’m sure he will be fine in a few more days. I highly recommend Graber Outdoors because they take the time with you and care about their customers.

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